I’ve heard that crying-it-out is the only thing that works?

Not true. Crying-it-out (CIO) can appear as quick and effective. However, the method is not preferred by many parents. Furthermore, many recent scientific studies show a negative impact of CIO on child brain development. You can read more about this subject here.

Our team does NOT use any of CIO forms and techniques. Our methods are gentle and adapted to each family.

What sleep coaching methods do you use?

We work with families to create gentle sleep coaching plans that fit the needs of both parents and the child(ren). Our goal is to make the process as gentle and effective as possible. 

The gentle coaching methods we use are techniques based in behavioural fading and cue-based methods.

What are the costs of your services?

The cost depends on the package. You can find detailed prices here.

I’m still breastfeeding at night. Will I need to wean my baby?

This question really depends on the needs and goals of the breastfeeding mom. If mom still wants to continue with night feeding, we make sure that the sleep coaching plan is adapted to mother’s and baby’s needs. If mom would like to reduce or wean night nursing sleep coaching plan can accommodate that and we can help with the gentle weaning process.

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Why do you wait until 6 months to sleep coach?

Before 6-months, the baby’s ability to self-regulate is still maturing. Some approaches require the infant to do more than they are capable of. Waiting until at least 6 months ensures that the baby is also more capable of learning sleep skills. 

If the child is 5 months, we can start by introducing tiny steps to help with the sleep transition. Once the baby is 6 months, we can fully start with the sleep coaching program.

What about younger infants? Can we improve my infant sleep?

Babies under 6 months are very sensitive. They need mom and dad to be very close and depend on their support to help them soothe themselves. There are things that can be improved and changed before the baby reaches 6 months and is ready to be sleep coached. We help young parents with adjusting schedules, finding the best sleep environment, etc. We can work together on improving your infant sleep. 

When can I begin with sleep coaching my baby?

We work with parents of children ages 0 to 6 years old. Babies are ready for sleep coaching process at around 6 months. For babies under 6 months, we will work with parents on how to set up healthy sleep habits from the start and how to gently shape their sleep.

If the child is 5 months, we can start by introducing tiny steps to help with the sleep transition. Once the baby is 6 months, we can fully start with the sleep coaching program.

Will I have to stop bed/room sharing?

You do not have to stop co-sleeping in the same bed or room to successfully sleep coach your child.  We will make sure to accommodate all factors and preferences to create an individualized sleep plan that fits your family needs.

What does a coaching process look like?

We start with a FREE 15-minute phone consultation where we briefly discuss whether child sleep coaching is for you. Once we set up a date for the initial consultation (1,5-2 h either in-home or video chat) we send you a questionnaire and access to the sleep log to get an idea of the ins and outs of your family. During the consultation we create a sleep plan together. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable with every step and change we are going to make during the sleep coaching process. 

During the first night of the coaching we are available on WhatsApp for your emergency questions until 9 pm. After that night we have a first of the follow-up calls to discuss the sleep log you entered. Depending on the plan we created during the consultation we have a call once or twice a week (more often if needed) and between the phone calls we stay in daily touch through the sleep log which we check every morning.