“Since we started the program with Ola, we started to see a huge difference in our baby’s sleep pattern. It was a process, but Ola was supporting us so with that we could support our little one.  We went from not knowing how to put our 8-month-old baby in bed without her crying, to just putting her in her bed and sleeping 11 hours all by herself at night. I can honestly say that this program was a life changer! 🙂 Thank you, Ola!”


“Ola helped us with getting our 2 and 6-year-old to sleep on their own. We followed her advice and it worked! Our oldest could not be left in his room to go to sleep and we had to keep on Reading a book to get him to sleep. With Ola’s steps, we can now leave the room and he falls asleep on his own! Ola helped us to make him feel safe to fall asleep on his own. Our youngest we had to hold or touch to help her to fall asleep. She still slept in our bedroom. A visual bed routine and small steps helped her to fall asleep on her own with us still being in the room. That gave her confidence. She then decided herself she was a big girl and wanted to sleep in her own bedroom. Thanks so much, Ola! If you recognize any of the above with your kids, don’t hesitate to ask Ola for help. She really knows what kids and parents need and how to support you in a friendly and effective way!” 



“We entered a phase where our 11-month son would feed several times a night… .and we realize that this was becoming a habit… .though we had no idea what we could do about this.
Luckily, I met Ola at a fair and in conversation I learned that there was such a thing as sleep coaching. I was intrigued, desperate and skeptical at the same time.  We have piles of sleep books that we have received from friends, however, I didn’t have any time to read through them…I saw friends of mine with a toddler also suffering from their child still waking up at night. When Ola explained that the method was gentle and not a “let me cry till they sleep method” I was intrigued. I directly hired Ola. She came to our place first and then we had 8 follow up calls where each time she gave us new tips and coaching adjustments. Within 2 weeks we moved into the new schedule. Note our sleep times were all over the place and our son would sleep for the night at around 9:30 pm. Now our son sleeps on his own around 13 hours each night, from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm and takes 2 solid 1-2 hour naps in the morning and afternoon. I couldn’t recommend Ola high enough! Thank you!”
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    Joanna, Pawel, Lilia

    “We are very grateful for Ola’s amazing help. She guided us through the difficult and emotional process of ending co-sleeping and moving our  9 month old daughter to her own bed. The first night was rather dramatic but during the following nights we already saw some great improvements. What we have learned from Ola is to never ignore the signs which your baby is sending when tired or sleepy. We have also learned that establishing a good routine is not that difficult at all and that babies respond to predictable behaviour patterns very well. The truth is that putting your baby on schedule can limit your flexibility especially when travelling but having a well rested happy baby is a fantastic reward. Thank you Ola for your help, friendly approach and constant support. Your work has been much appreciated and we will keep recommending your services.”

    Joanna, Pawel, Lilia


    “Our little one started of by sleeping at nights quite well but she’d always had problems sleeping during the day. After some months the nights became difficult as well. We grew into a pattern together in which she became dependent of me, the sling and breastfeeding for her sleep. At 9 months that pattern also didn’t work anymore. She just cried and cried and maybe fell asleep for 20 minutes or so. She needed a change, and so did we of course. I called Ola and she was in our home the next working day. She had a look at our sleeping room, asked where we’d like to have our baby sleep (in our room or in the baby room), etc. She explained the Tiny sleepyhead method step by step and she could answer the questions i had in detail. And together we worked out a daytime routine that suited our ways of doing things in our household. The first night breaking with our little one’s sleeping habit was very very difficult. Our little one cried so long and hard. But i could stay next to her and comfort, shush and stroke her when i felt like she needed it. The only thing i shouldn’t do was to give up and go back to our old habit. That was what Ola was pointing out to me through text message that night. She also reminded me to really comfort our little one until she was no longer upset. And then put her back in her bed. And again crying, comforting and putting back. And again, and again, and again. It was very valuable that i could contact Ola by txt with questions or for support during that first night and also some nights after. It helped me get through quite some difficult hours in which i didn’t know what to do. Ola knew all sorts of details of how babies can react to the sleep coaching. Often, our little one reacted in one of the ways Ola predicted. Our little one and us, we took our time to work on and get used to the new sleeping patterns. After changing the night sleeping, we started with the daytime naps. And all together, i think after some 2 to 2,5 months, our little one is sleeping like a happy baby, all night long and twice a day. We can even take her out to other people’s places and she’ll take her daytime nap without problems. The coaching method will stay with us now! If changes will intterrupt our little one’s sleeping habits in the future, we now know how to coach her back into a healthy sleeping pattern. We couldn’t have done this without Ola. To read about a coaching method is one thing, to carry it out without practice in advance is quite another. It was great to have somebody next to us to guide us through some critical moments. Thanks a million Ola!”


    “I would like to especially thank Ola Wysocka for her continued support. She is so professional and friendly as well. Our 9 months baby now sleeps the whole night without break. Isn’t it awesome compare to 5 or 6 times awakening per night.”


    Sevan, Ramsey, Victor

    “The method works! As two sceptical people when it comes to “coaching”, we had to trust Tiny Sleepyhead as we had exhausted all options with our 18 month old son, who was still waking up twice a night, and would no longer sleep in his cot. Ola has been extremely clear and prescriptive when we started the “training”, and the soft yet consistent method she uses and passes on is a really adapted to each child, taking into account the child own reactions and pace to progress to the next steps. Her ongoing support was extremely helpful from day 1 (the most difficult one!) to the end when you know that you have got a method that can be used each time your child goes through changes. I can only sing her praises as results speak for themselves. Thank you so much to Tiny Sleepyhead, we have got our lives back!”


    “With 2 little kids waking up every few hours every night we were desperate to some rest and thanks to Ola we had results immediately, already on the first night! She came up with a very personalised and detailed plan for each of my kids that lead to great results. Cannot recommend her enough.”



    “We are so thankful for Ola’s help in teaching our little one to sleep through the night! We had followed sleep guides on our own and at 8 months bubs wasn’t a particularly bad sleeper but we were always unsure whether we needed to shorten or lengthen nap times or move bed times earlier or later, we were constantly second guessing ourselves.. Ola’s coaching helped us join all the gaps together with an easy routine and quick answers to our questions. Within two weeks we went from getting up two or three times a night to everyone sleeping through! Thanks again Ola!”


    “Ola has been an angel in our lives! Best decision we have made was to contact her 🙂

    It was 7 months since our second daughter was born and the little sleep together with very frequent night wakenings were making our daily lives with work and a 2 years old toddler very tiering. Olivia was a difficult sleeper since she was born (unlike our first one who was a sleepy beauty!). On a “good” night (not often..) Olivia would wake up ‘only’ 5 times…we were exhausted.

    I thought I tried it all before, but obviously I didn’t! With Ola’s advises and guidelines we started to notice very soon improvements! Ola also made sure that we as parents were OK with her methods and different proposals. All of them were very gentle and I was very happy Ilearned how to comfort my little one and guide her to learn the sleeping habits that worked for us as a family of 4. It was amazing to see the progress, not only on her sleep, but also during her times being awake! Since she started to be be rested she was a much happier baby when she was awake.

    We can’t thank Ola enough, she has brought the much needed sleep back to our lives and now we have the energy levels ready to start every morning with our two girls! :-)”



    When we started reading a bit more about sleep coaching I understood that I could find a lot of different methods.
    At the beginning I thought that we would never find someone that could understand us, I was affray of getting someone that would impose a method on us, that I would have to stop breastfeeding or let my baby cry it out alone. But it’s not definitely true, and I have the proof.

    We are so happy for had made de decision to search for help. Yes, searching for help was really important, don’t believe in everything that people were telling us – that is it normal a baby that wakes up several times during the night, that he needed to cry it out to learn, that breastfed babies will never sleep through the night, that he was big enough to get other kinds of milk, that this is life with a baby, that we needed to get used to. Fortunately, we had Ola and she changed all these assumptions and gave us a completely different perspective.

    When I found Tiny Sleepyhead, I read the reviews, the blog and the methods Ola uses. At the end we had her and another contact selected to have the first call and decide with which sleep coach we would like to work.
    Ola was the first and also the last call we had because we just loved her since the first 15 minutes consultation call.
    Her approach was exactly what we were looking for, very gentle, baby orientated, and we were very happy and excited to get started.

    I must admit that I wasn’t super confident about the fact that we wouldn’t have a face to face meeting, she would never meet our baby, our home or us. But the first consultation came, and the plan and suddenly everything seemed to be so aligned to our family, she seemed to know us already so well that I relaxed about the distance and then things started to make sense the way they were.

    Ola recommended and advised us always in a very gentle way, that we never felt forced or obliged to do anything we didn’t feel comfortable with, and she always reassured us that was our plan, our baby and our rules and she was there to guide us.
    She made us feel super committed to the plan, super focused to get our final goal – having our little one sleeping through the night. The constant follow-ups and updating the logs helped us to keep moving on and to see the results that started happening very quickly.

    When we started with Ola, we had a baby with 12 months, big enough to skip the night feedings but too attached to breastfeeding and waking up 5/6 times per night since he was around 7 months. In a month working with Ola, I stopped breastfeeding him during the night, and in two months, our baby started falling asleep by himself on his own bed.
    It was hard, it was very difficult and I must admit that some nights I just wanted to give up and bring him to our bed and sleep. I wanted to sleep so much because I was suffering a lot with the lack of sleep, but this was the reason to never gave up and kept us going and going, giving me extra motivation during the process.

    We now have a much happier baby, less cranky and we are also more relaxed and more patient with him.
    I would recommend Ola 300%!!!!

    Ola supported our opinions, ideas and decisions and always but always assured if we were feeling comfortable with the plan.
    I’m going to miss her, our calls and how much she always made me feel super strong and confident.

    Thank you Ola.”


    “Ola really helped us establish a routine and reset our early rising baby. Her advice has been priceless and our nights have improved significantly!”



    Ola literally saved me. I contacted her on the edge of a total despair, not getting any sleep at night, amidst total chaos… She helped me a lot! Setting up a rhythm for my child, step by step, and finally we are happy and sleeping! all of us. She is very professional, caring and dedicated. I recommend Tiny Sleepyhead to all desperate moms, in need of sleep! ♥️” 


    We really felt you know what Ola was doing and liked the personal approach.



    “Very informative, supportive and most importantly, effective”


    Ola has given back our nights to us and helped us find a way that worked for our little one and our family as a whole.



    “I appreciate Ola’s extensive knowledge on sleep, and her extra support about how to play with a young baby (for an ADHD mom it was so boring!). Ola cares for the emotional well-being of the parents as well. Having a longer-term package definitely gave us much peace of mind.”


    “Ola helped us wonderfully in all the sleep challenges we faced during the second half year of our daughters life. Things that were quite scary for us, like her sleeping unswaddled or on her belly, Ola guided us through it, we just had to action on your advices and everything fell into place.”



    “In general Ola helped me a lot with training my babies to sleep independently. She is very friendly and always suggest to coach baby in the most gentle way.”